Event Info

The entry price for each race is listed below!

Noosa Enduro 100 -$189
Noosa Gravel Enduro 100 - $189
Noosa Enduro 60 - $139
Noosa Dirty Fondo 150 - $189
Noosa Dirty Fondo 90 - $139

Your entry price includes:

  • Race entry
  • Noosa Enduro official musette & drink bottle
  • Noosa Enduro pack with promos and vouchers
  • Noosa Enduro branded race photo
  • Timing and prizes
  • Daily results service
  • Medical support and assistance
  • Water points on course
  • Mechanical support at stations provided by Spoke N Trail. Parts not included.

The Noosa Enduro is located in the picturesque Noosa Hinterland! Each course takes you though local towns and explores some of Noosa’s best off road real estate while tackling some epic climbs and difficult terrain.

The Noosa District Sports Complex is located just a 15 minute drive to Noosa’s epic beaches.

Anyone aged 19 and over can ride in each of the races over the weekend.

Participants ages 14 to 18 can also participate in the Noosa Enduro 60 and Dirty Fondo 90.

Noosa Enduro 100
10% bitumen road, 25% gravel road, 15% single track, 25% fire break and other trails, 10% fields & private land and 15% other.

Noosa Gravel Enduro 100
15% bitumen road, 35% gravel road, 5% single track, 30% fire break and other trails, 10% fields & private land and 5% other.

Noosa Enduro 60
15% Bitumen, 45% Gravel, 30% fire break, 5% single track and 5% other.

Noosa Dirty Fondo 150 & 90
70% Bitumen and 30% Gravel.

We have elite, mass participation, e-bike and kids events! All races are broken down into age group categories.

All of our races are done individually! But grab a crew together for the weekend and get ready for an epic weekend of riding in the Noosa Hinterland.

See the weekend schedule here - Noosa Enduro Schedule

In the event of cancellation due to COVID-19, the event will be rescheduled to 2022, and all registered riders will have their race registration moved to the new event date.

If participants can’t make the date they have automatically been moved to or in the case that you cannot attend the event due to a COVID-19 lockdown in your residential address given on the entry form up until 7 days prior to the event, you will have the option to move your registration to 2022, transfer to family member or friend, or receive a 50% refund. Inside 7 days from the event you will be offered a 50% reduction on entry for 2022 or forfeit your entry.

If for reasons beyond the Event Organisers control the event does not take place at all in 2022 or beyond (including reasons relating to COVID-19), all registered riders will have their race registrations refunded.

Yep we sure do!

Tickets are non-refundable, if you have extenuating circumstances please contact us at info@noosaenduro.com. If the event manager approves a refund they will be subject to a 10% processing fee.

Check point 1 = Pomona Mens Shed

Check point 2 = Kin Min Oval

Check point 3 = Happy Valley

There will be food, water and basic mechanical support available at all check points. Toilets are available at the Pomona Mens Shed. There is also a public water fill up location and toilets at Cooran which is unmanned by Noosa Enduro staff.

Gear and Equipment

While the Gravel 100 and Enduro 100 courses are for the most part the same. The Enduro 100 is at times very tough and technical and is ideally suited to MTB’s. Only the most skilled riders should attempt the Enduro 100 on Gravel or cross bikes!
The Gravel 100 is ideally suited to gravel or cross bikes but this is NOT your usual gravel ride! It consists of varied terrain of everything from fire trails, to grassy fields and single track as well as of gravel roads.

All bikes must be in a suitable condition for off road riding and capable of complete the course unsupported.

For the steeper climbing sections it’s recommended to use a compact chainring and minimum of 32-tooth rear cassette.

While we’ll have the support crew there to help it is recommended that all riders carry their own pump, spares and basic tools!

While the 100km is recommended for intermediate to experienced riders we’ve got a number of options to cater for beginners and those who really want to test their limits!

Our 60km event is designed for beginners so if you’re new to this but still want to give it a go the Noosa Enduro 60 may be the perfect event for you.

Cyclists of any fitness level can complete our e-bike category but it is recommended they have at least an intermediate level of off road skills.

Yes cut off times are listed on each event page alongside expected times to complete each course.

Our riders are well looked after throughout the event! We have checkpoints along the way as well as mechanical assistance too.

All riders should bring their own spare parts and kits.

We sure do! Our partners at Spokes N Trail are here to make your weekend hassle-free! Pre-book a bike transfer and assembly upon arrival in Noosa. They’re offering bike collection from your accommodation, bike builds and pre race servicing at the Spoke N Trail store. They can also deliver to the event for race day collection!

Partner and Volunteer

For all partnership enquires please contact Matt on 0424325534.

If you’re interested in being a part of our Enduro Village please email the Noosa Enduro team at info@noosaenduro.com

If you’re interested in volunteering let us know here - volunteer with us.

For media enquiries contact Bianca on 0438798495.