Are you ready to discover a different Noosa?

A gravel ride but not as you know it! This is an off-road ride suitable for gravel bikes.

The Enduro 100 and the Gravel 100 follow a similar route but diverge and converge at times for the most technical sections!

Suitable for intermediate level off-road riders looking for a challenge or preferably more experienced ones, with an intermediate to higher level of fitness, it’s definitely not easy but if it’s a challenge you’re after then this might be the option for you.

With a varied mix of terrain and some steep climbs, riders are expected to finish the course between three and eight hours.

No less of an adventure than the Noosa Enduro 100 the track has varied terrain including gravel and private roads, single track, pitted fields and some quite technical sections. There will be some walking involved and expect to get you feet wet once or twice. If you’re looking for a nice smooth gravel ride then this course probably isn’t for you! But if you're looking for something a little more varied and challenging then sign up now.

Plus, you can test yourself on the Pirelli King of the Mountain on one of Noosa’s most well-known climbs nicknamed ‘Mother’. A climb so tough only a handful of riders on the Original Enduro have ever completed without putting their feet down!

With checkpoints at Pomona, Happy Valley and Kin Kin, riders are well looked after throughout the event.

For an official time to be recorded participants must complete the course in 9 hours or less.

Ready to join us on the climb?

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Join the ride – $189


Junior (under 19)
Expert 19-29
Masters 30-39, Masters 40-49, Masters 50-59, Masters 60-69, Masters 70+
Single Speed

Expected Times

3 hrs – 8 hrs 30mins

Cut off time - riders must reach checkpoint 2 by 1pm.



Suitable Tyres

A gravel bike or cross bike without suspension and including both drop handlebars and appropriate volume tires for off road riding on all surface types is required.


Pomona, Happy Valley and Kin Kin - further details on FAQ’s page.

Mechanical Support

Pomona and Kin Kin